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The ShoreTel IP phone system scales seamlessly from 1 to 10,000 users, making it a perfect match for large enterprises as well as small and medium sized businesses. The ShoreTel system is a completely integrated system with PBX, voice mail, and automated attendant functions and includes installation, administration, and management tools that will liberate you from the cost and complexity of other vendor solutions.

The ShoreTel system is not a legacy-based, retrofitted solution, but is built from the ground up to be the easiest to use, easiest to manage, full-featured IP PBX system on the market today. And, it is ideal for multi-site companies because the distributed architecture spans multiple locations so that their phone system appears and behaves as one, unified system.

The flexibility of the ShoreTel phone system allows it to be configured to your particular business needs. Learn more about the components that comprise a ShoreTel phone system

ShoreGear Voice Switches
ShoreGear Voice Switches are highly reliable, intelligent devices that unify communications across the enterprise. System administrators can rest easy knowing ShoreGear voice switches deliver 99.999% reliability and use an embedded, real-time operating system.
ShoreTel IP Telephones
ShoreTel offers a wide range of telephones to provide the right solution for each application - be it an executive, executive assistant, operator, ACD agent or supervisor, or general office user. ShoreTel phones provide end users the features and quality they demand. And ShorePhones are pre-configured to match the ShoreTel system to eliminate configuration issues during installation.
ShoreTel Applications
The award-winning ShoreTel family of desktop applications brings the power of IP telephony to the individual's desktop - while setting a new standard for enterprise productivity.


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