Our History

MDCOM has been in telecommunications since the days when the only way to get a telephone was to rent it from Ma Bell. MD Communications incorporated in 1979, to be exact, after beginning life as an installation and service contractor for National Telephone. The founders of our company knew that for a small locally owned business to compete against national giants it would have to provide reliable equipment and extraordinary service.

We installed medium to large size telephone systems for business customers throughout New England, offering training, follow-up maintenance and support.

We worked hard. We grew. We formed a sales department in 1983, and became Authorized Dealers for ITT and Comdial, two of the most established, reliable, customer-oriented companies in the telecom industry. It’s a trend that continues today –partnering with the best.

We grew some more, increasing our customer base and adding voicemail, data services and call accounting to our product mix. We honed our comprehensive service into a fine art, designing, installing, moving and servicing increasingly intricate digital communications systems.

In 1994, we purchased New Bedford Telephone, Inc., adding its customer base to our core of nearly 2,000 previous customers. MD Communications became MDCOM, one of New England’s leading small business telecom providers.

As business customers became increasingly frustrated at the confusing array of local, long distance and internet services, we established a carrier services division to help navigate the multitude of services and provide a consultative hand to our growing partners.

In 2005 Eric Lutz and John Faria purchased a majority of the corporation’s shares and moved MDCOM to new state-of-the-art facilities. A new Technical Access Center, modern warehousing for spare parts, and complete demo facility were created to accommodate and showcase the increasingly complex and sophisticated emerging VoIP technologies. We renewed our focus on Customer Care through implementation of automated Service Order notification, and our innovative and comprehensive MDCOMplete Care plan.

As we exist today, MDCOM is the product of decades of experience and customer service. We literally grew up in the post-divestiture communications industry, something few of our competitors can claim. We installed and maintained analog systems with blinking lights and thick, hundred-pair connectors. We tackled the first electronic systems, using MAP panels and hexi-decimal programming. We were around for the emergence of digital technology, from 2-wire systems to voice mail and computer integrations. Today we have the capability to install a basic phone system for a small business, or implement IP networked systems and connect multiple offices around the world. We know our industry inside and out and offer the best products and services in the business. Give us a call at 508-821-1800 and find out for yourself.


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