There are two ways to positively impact your business’ bottom line: increase revenues or reduce expenses. At MDCOM we’ll help you do both by looking at all areas of your business and making recommendations that will help you achieve your goals.

Our recipe for success starts by measuring: how many, how long, how much. How many calls do you make and receive? How long are people waiting on hold? How much did it cost? We dig deeper… What is that new sales person doing? What did she say?



Personnel and Human Resources

An undisputed maxim in business is that your people are your most important asset . And highly trained, properly motivated people are hard to find and harder to keep.

We have solutions to measure and improve productivity, and communications answers to help you retain remote or ‘at-home’ workers. We’ll give you the best tools to train and retain those key individuals who make your company thrive. And we show you how to use those same solutions to turn new hires to be top performers in no time.



Customer Service

Sometimes one person is a ‘department’. Sometimes it’s 50. You certainly can’t hire ‘extra’ bodies to sit and wait for the phone to ring, and you can’t leave customers waiting.

We have solutions that will help you forecast peak calling periods and staff accordingly. Solutions that make sure callers hear what they should when they’re on hold and get directed to the best available people in your organization to help them the first time. No “Thank you for calling can you hold please?”, “I’m sorry who were you holding for?” “I’ll transfer you, but if we get disconnected…”

Our solutions will allow you to measure, evaluate, and improve your customer service levels to gain a competitive advantage. We’re not talking about dazzling, complex technology with complicated formulas, just simple, easy to understand tools to track dollars and make sense.




Let’s face it: no one sits at his or her desk waiting for the phone to ring. So how do important calls reach you? Can major clients reach you when you’re not at your desk? Sure everyone has a cell phone, but who wants to remember all those numbers? And you have to have ESP to know which one to call when. We make it easy. One number directs all calls to you when so you don’t miss the calls you need to close sales and take care of your customers. Does your Sales Manager feel like he or she needs to be in more than one place at the same time? We have solutions for that too. Does your messaging system let your sales force know they have messages even when they’re out of the office?

Close more sales and increase your revenues using MDCOM’s unique communications solutions.




A big part of growing a business is keeping everyone and everything connected, and that’s a challenge. You’ll need to get employees on the same telephone and messaging systems, regardless of time and location, and keep them connected to your customers, your dial tone and the internet, all the time and under budget. Connect a salesperson in a remote office or 50 retail locations that need answers from corporate headquarters with cabling that is easily maintained and managed. We can do it all. We handle your dial tone, your internet and your network. We put everyone under the same roof, on the same page and keep them connected. We do it by shaking hands not pointing fingers. MDCOM helps keep you connected. You get business done.


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